Graphic Novel #8  Now Available! Paperback 127 pages, Just 35.00!

Return of the Mau front cover

Graphic Novel #7  Now Available! Paperback 144 pages, Just 28.00!

Angelquest front cover v2 2048 max

Heroic stories for all ages

Welcome to Catseye Comics

Where good guys don’t act like bad guys… 

Where history is is never remade

Where stories are for all ages

Where women are equal to men...Where superhero stories in our fantasy world help real life heroes in the real world

Graphic Novel #6  Now Available! Paperback 72 pages, Just 26.99!

Aftershocks Front Cover

Graphic Novel #5  Now Available! Paperback 82 pages, Just 26.99!

invasion front cover v3

Graphic Novel #4 Now Available!  Paperback 42 page “Fun Size For Halloween” Just $12.00

Swamp stories front cover

Graphic novel #3 Now Available! Paperback 110 pages, Just $29.95

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Your purchase of Catseye comics not only gives you good classic entertainment, but the funds go to various heroic charities.  For information on our charity giving visit The American WIldlife Refuge link to the right of this page!

Catseye Comics #2 A Family Tale Black and White paperback edition 154 pages just $10.00

Catseye Family Tale Front Cover V2 noir

Catsye Comics #3 The Curse of The 7 Devils Black and white paperback 108 pages Just $9.00

Issue #3 test cover 1 Gizmonda 7 Devils noir

Catseye Comics #4 The Lady’s Swamp Stories Black and white paperback 42 pages just $8.00

Swamp stories front cover noir

secret origins v3 Pulp style text only 160 pages Just $8.00

secret origins v3 no 3 front cover
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