Liaison Louisiana


Our main story location is the fictional town of Liaison Louisiana. Liaison is the host to a dimensional portal from which all manner of things come to Earth.  Because of The Nexus, the town is a hotbed of magick, technology, and super powers.  

The Nexus is a rip in the fabric of space and time.   It was created by a starship exploding just off the coast of what is now Liaison.  Although this side of the rip is stationary, the other side whips around throughout the universe, mostly hitting nothing, but sometimes, it connects to something on the other side.      

We have created a website for Liaison at:  http://Liaison.La

The History of Liaison Louisiana according to Haven:

Haven: Let me tell you a story about the founding of Liaison..."

Haven: "It was 250 years ago, 100 years before the civil war in America.  At the time the new world was being settled by several countries , all of them tried to tame the areas they claimed.".

Haven: "The Dutch had New Amsterdam, the British had Virginia, The Spanish had Florida  and parts of the souther gulf of Mexico, and the French had a foothold in this area.

Haven: "At the time the Mugulasha tribe hunted the lands at the base of the Mississippi river."

Haven: "Previously, the Mugulasha tribe  were called 'the Quinipissa,' or 'those who see.'  Perhaps that is why they were so hostile to La Salle when he tried to cross their lands.  Either way, they were not friends of the white man."

Haven: "As the French took over the lands at the mouth of the river, creating New Orleans, he could not make any progress with the delta itself because of the Delta itself being so horrible to try to build upon. To this day, there is still more than 90 miles of land that is not in any city due to the harsh terrain."

Haven: "The uncvilized untamable land was mostly ignored.  Only the hearty souls and outcasts.  The Acadians, those fleeing from the French Canadian regions moved to the area because there was some French influence.  They ended up living in the wilds, and becoming known by their nucknames, 'the Cajuns.'"

Haven: The french had too many troubles to try to tame the swamps and the  delta, so they did what they could in New orleans, largely ignoring the swamps. The Acadians and the Mugulasha did thier best to tame the swamps.  Small settlements rose and fell in weeks.  It was an extremely hard life."

Haven: "Then one day, something happened...  Something came to the delta and with a burst of heat, created a stable land area.  The French thought is was a volcano, and still avoided the area.  The tribes called it 'The Fire God,' and built platforms and huts on the hard fused soil to worship the source.  The Cajuns watched and waited.  By this time the tribes and the Cajuns had began to intermarry."

Haven: "A decade later, something else appeared at the place of worship.  Whatever it was, faught and killed The Fire God, but was badly injured in the fight.  Nearly lame, it dragged itself onto land.  It was a huge beast, and the drag marks made a deep furrowed pathway into the swamps.  It went into an area that no one goes.  An area that had legends and stories of horrible things."

Haven: The creature took 3 days to pull itself to the swamp, and it ground the earth beneath it so hard, that the dirt itself became hard like rocks..  Finally it stopped.  It fell over with such force, that it cracked the levies all the way to New Orleans."

Haven: "No one dared go down the road the creature made.  No one was brave enough to face the creature that has destroyed a god and had made a glasslike road for nearly 40 miles."

Haven: "Until one day, during a harsh storm, the town was buffetted by winds, but no rain.  The sky was light , but the town was dark.  The storm reached its peak, knocking down many huts and damaging the waterfront area.  When the tribes and cajuns, who had become one by now, went to clean up, they found a man.  He was 'of a weird look' according to the records, and many said he was from the land of the gods.  He showed great curiosity about the glass road, and as he healed and got stronger, He asked more and more about it.  Finally, after almost 3 moons, he gathered things he had made from nothing, and he walked down the road People followed on ly so far, but they were not  brave enough to follow all the way.."

Haven: "He was never seen again.  Over the next decades, man changed,  The state gathered the towns into parishes, and the religions of the old ways were squelched.  Another harsh storm brought about something that leaped onto the glass road, , and its steps cracked the glass like surface, smashing it into pebbles and sand.  It too went down the road, and too was never seen or heard from again."

Haven: "In the 1900s, many people began to scoff at anything but science, and many bought the lands near the sandy road.  The land itself swallowed many a house as the swamps held their secrets.  The last 10 miles of roads have never been able to be built least almost all of it."

Haven: "When people finally did brave the end of the road, they found a house.  It was an immense house that somehow has survived countless storms with only shabby damage."

Haven: "The road had somehow gotten the name Parker's Road, and the travellers said the house was The Finn Parker House."

Haven: "It is a bed and breakfast now, but to this day, it is considered a test of bravery to actually go to the house and even more so to sleep there."

Haven: "Stories of the huge gods  or monsters who were taken by the swamps, and other stories of things more ancient than the gods are still said of the place."

 Haven: " But the point of the story is, Liaison was and is the place gods came to earth. the place they came to meet their end."

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